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CE Marking(European Compliance)
CE certification introduces  
     " CE" marking is a kind of safe attestation marking, was see passport that opens and enters the European market as the manufactory.Every stick the product of have" CE" marking and can circulate freely within the scope of each member of EU the domestic sale, need not the request of match each member's country, thus carried out the merchandise in the EU member country.
Belong to compulsive sex attestation marking in the EU market" CE" marking, is the product that the internal business enterprise of EU produce in spite of, still the product that other nations produce, to think to circulate freely on the market in the EU, must add to stick" CE" marking, with the enunciation product matches the EU 《 the technique moderates and standardizes new method 》 basic request of the instruction.This is the EU law to put forward to the product a kind of compulsory sex request.
Two words of CE, is from French" the Communate Europpene" abbreviation but become, is European common meaning of the body.The European common body turns into afterwards EU.( brief name EU)
In recent years, in European economic area( EU, the European free trade association member's country, Switzerland excepted) merchandise sell on the market, the usage of the CE marking is more and more, the merchandise that the CE marking adds to stick mean it match the safety, hygiene, environmental protection and consumers protect a series of and European instruction of etc. to express of request.
At past, Europe total the body nation request to be each to the product that import and sell difference, according to a the country merchandise of the standard manufacturing go to other country can appear on market very much, conduct and actions cancellation trade barrier effort of a part, the CE emerge with the tide of the times.Therefore, CE representative Europe unify( the CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE).In fact, the total body many national languages of a CE still Europe grow total body in medium Europe" the abbreviation of this phrase set, use an EUROPEAN of English phrase COMMUNITY abbreviation as EC originally, the empress is the COMMUNATE EUROPEIA in French because of total body in Europe, the Italian is the COMUNITA EUROPEA, the Portuguese text is the COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish for EUROPE etc. of COMUNIDADE, so change the EC as CE.Certainly, also might as well treat CE as the CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN( DEMAND).( match Europe( request))
The meaning of the CE marking lie in:Use the CE slightly the phrase means to add to stick the marking of CE for the sign of product meet the main request( the Essential Requirements) of the relevant European instruction provision, counteract to confirm that that product hases already passed to correspond qualified to assess the procedure and/ or the qualified avowal of the manufactory, real become the product to is allow inside the pass of total body in Europe market sale.The relevant instruction requests to add the industry product of stick the marking of CE, have no marking of CE, can not appear on market the sale, have already add to stick the product that the marking of CE enters the market, the detection nots agree with to match the safe request of, toing order to take back from the market, keeping on breaching the relevant CE marking of instruction provision of, will be limit or forbid into the EU market or compelled withdraw the market.
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